Chapter 07.1

Saturday, August 18, 2018 (Alanday, Aquarius 24, 0031)

From: Penny Castle
Subject: Crazy with loneliness
Date: August 18, 2018 10:04 a.m.
To: Thomas Castle

(CLT): 1 min 48.53 sec

Darling Thomas,

It’s been a long week… very, very long. You know how days can be for someone working with budgets, funding issues, scads of deadlines, and so many more issues than I want to get into right now. We’re just starting on the next fiscal year and my head is already hurting. Still trying to find rooms for some of the classes, don’t have instructors for all of them, their letters of offer are waiting to be mailed, and so on. AARGH!!.. (OK, that’s a smidgen better)

You always made me feel so much better when I came home all stressed out and tired. Actually, we made each other feel better after a bad day. But, my hubby is not here and I am lost and very lonely a lot of the time. You’re always saying to me ‘a penny for your thoughts.’ Well, my thoughts are of you on this particular Saturday morning. It’s now over three months since we’ve held each other. I miss you so much I could almost cry (or at least sniffle a little). The last time we spent any alone time together, was when we went to the cabin in Colorado for a three day weekend.

Remember the delicate spring colors and the dusting of snow around the edges of the yard? How the hot tub steamed in the cold air? We took a long drive around the winding mountain roads and had our own private tour, taking in the budding trees and spring flowers. I’ve never forgotten and would like to relive some of that wonderfully romantic time we had together, and pretend you are near.

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