Chapter 02.3

While Carl was on duty at the console and babysitting the monitors, Jackie went about making the science lab comfortable and, more importantly, usable. The primary workspace on Deck One is where the launch couches had been attached to the ceiling and where they will be attached to the floor for the landing. Kneeling on the floor not more than three feet behind Carl’s chair, she assembled one of the two workbenches, placing it lengthwise across the space, setting stools in appropriate locations. In this configuration, a person using the workbench could look beyond his own work to view the console monitors. This well-equipped lab has plenty of room and Jackie has been truly inspired, coming up with a novel use for the extra space. “Hey Carl, what would you think of one of the portable tables being used for card games, setting it up over here?” she queried, motioning toward the wall just inward from one of the airlocks.

“Sure, as long as it’s outside of the lab area, maybe between the secondary control console and the EVA prep room,” Carl replied, nodding in agreement as he scoped out the locale. “That would be a good spot for a poker table, unless you think it would go better upstairs?”

Jackie pondered a moment and said, “There’s no room on the hydroponic deck for something like that; and a rowdy poker game might disturb someone trying to sleep on the mid-deck. I think here would be the best choice of the three.”

“Yeah,” he reasoned. “And the head is right over there and snacks are just at the top of the ladder. I’d say go for it.” He gave her a big grin and began contemplating where to find the makings for suitable poker chips or settling for some faceless app.

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