Chapter 05.2

From: Robert Hackard
Subject: Lonely
Date: May 14, 2018 4:14 p.m.
To: Sally Chung

(CLT): 6.62 sec.

Dear Sally,

Glad to hear everything is going well for you. I wish you were still here instead of flying off through the stars. It’s going to be pretty lonely around here without you, kind of like when you were on the ISS but this will be a heck of a lot longer. Probably time to start a new project out in the shop, to give me something to do. Pick up a new company, maybe. Things might be better when you get home in a few years. Anyway, I sure hope so.

I’ll write again, soon. Bobby

< ≡ ♂ ≡ >

(From Dr. Willis to Commander Lewis. Chung’s husband does not appear to be very supportive. This may affect Chung’s mental and emotional state. Will watch for further signs of discord and advise.)

Bobby is not the happiest guy and has been feeling abandoned, left here on Earth. In the romance department, he has known only Sally since they were in high school, some fifteen years past. He and Sally have been able to live in several places around the country. As an heir to the Pewlett-Hackard Corporation, Bobby has never had to work for a living and he’s getting bored. The boredom is peaking now that the Canyon Copier Company has gone under and his family stock portfolio has doubled in value, practically overnight. With any luck, the Z-Rocks Corporation will follow suit and make Bobby an overnight billionaire. Naturally, Sally is aware of his boredom with their life and marriage. She’s not naive, just in denial, but Bobby’s latest email has put a whole new light on the situation.

From: Brandon Devlin
Subject: Martian Calendar
Date: Sagittarius 28, 0031 20:10
To: Emma Devlin

(CLT): 6.96 sec

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