Chapter 05.3

From: Richard Devlin
Subject: blah, blah, blah
Date: May 21, 2018 11:47 a.m.
To: Brandon Devlin

(CLT): 19.03 sec

Hi Dad,

Well, I’m glad we got all that mushy stuff out of the way. Ha! Talked to mom the other day. Think I might be getting into your old fraternity. Acing most of my tests, having a good time blowing up stuff in the lab (just kidding) … along with not eating right and not getting enough sleep – typical college student stuff.

I was studying in the café @ Parkview campus this morning, looking @ the pix on the curved wall. I spotted one with you, the Sun Seeker car, and Jerry Bell. At least it sure looked like you. In fact it looks like me, since I look like you did at my age. Jerry is my mechanical drawing instructor. I haven’t said anything to him, but he looks at me like he’s trying to remember where or when we met. If he knew you’re my dad, he might ride me pretty rough and expect grades like you had (even if you did sleep through a couple of classes – ha, ha).

Anyway, on the wall next to the Sun Seeker was a framed pair of black T-shirts (one front, the other back). On the front was printed College of Engineering. The back has a paragraph about life on campus and it starts out: ‘I are an engineer…’ Funny stuff. I’ll send you a picture of it later, after I charge my cell. Just hopped on the Bronco Transit bus for the trip back to main campus. My next class is @ Sangren Hall in 45 min. Need to send this off while I’m still in range of the wireless. BTW, here’s a little WMU trivia for you. Did you know that WMU was one of the first totally wired (wireless) campuses in the country?

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