Chapter 14.1

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (Scottday, Aries 29, 0031)

Claire’s brother, Billy had an old six-person camper mounted on the back of an even older pickup truck that he used to use in the fall and winter for deer hunting. Ty figured that if he was going to go on a stakeout, it might be easier to keep an eye on the house from the window of the camper, where he had a bathroom, refrigerator and microwave, than from the front seat of his car. Also, the camper had sign-art windows with hunting scenes printed on them, so that someone on the inside could see out quite well, but seeing in was nearly impossible, unless it was dark and the lights were on inside. Since Billy had already shot his limit, a quick phone call secured the use of the camper, no questions asked.

On his way to Charlottesville, Ty picked up a grocery bag full of stakeout supplies, such as candy bars, chips, frozen burritos, energy drinks, and the like. Then, once he arrived in town, he stopped at the Burger King on Riverbend Drive, grabbing a couple of Whoppers before turning down Jackie and Mike’s street. As Ty exited the drive-thru, Claire’s voice resonated through his mind, commenting on his poor dietary choices. She would not have approved, but somehow Ty thought she would forgive him, this one time.

Once Ty reached Jackie and Mike’s neighborhood, he circled the block twice before finding a good parking lot about a block and a half away, where he could easily view the driveway and garage, not appear too conspicuous to the neighbors, and most definitely not be seen from the front window of the house. Billy had left a pair of binoculars in the camper that would work out perfectly for this job.

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