Chapter 09.4

Prior to the helmet being placed on the head and secured, the suit needs to be hooked up to the umbilical line. This line is a flexible air-hose having electrical lines running through and is connected to a compact backpack built into the top of the suit. The backpack is stuffed with the medical monitoring unit, communications device, and power links for the onboard air conditioning and heating systems. There are two EVA umbilical lines onboard, both being in the ladder-well, near each of the hatches. One on the lowest level near the floor mounted hatch and the other near the hatch above the third deck ladder.

After testing is completed, everything is connected, the helmet goes on, and the suit is pressurized. At only 20% of the weight the crew is normally used to hauling around, Carl is now able to move about easily, as he feels like he is only 25 kg including spacesuit. Looking every bit like a five-year-old in a snowsuit, it is now time for Carl to go outside to play.

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